Cool DAT To WMV Converter

Cool DAT To WMV Converter 1.0

A free and easy-to-use tool to convert DAT video files into Windows Media Video
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If you need to transfer any of your .DAT video files into Windows Media compatible video with a high-quality output, at a high speed, and with the minimum hassle, you might consider trying Cool DAT To WMV Converter, a free and easy-to-use conversion tool.

Designed for those who do not want to get tangled up in complicated conversion settings, this program offers you a series of built-in quality presets ranging from “Very Low” to “Very High”, with the default “Same Quality” option. However, you can customize some of the quality settings available, such as the frame rate, the bit rate for both audio and video, and the frame size (including the possibility of cropping and padding the output image).

To make things even easier, this tool can also batch convert any number of .DAT video files (provided you have multiple CD drives or that you have previously transferred all your .DAT files into one of your drives). Whatever method you use, you will find that Cool DAT To WMV Converter is a fast and efficient tool that keeps simple things simple.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Simple and clear interface
  • Combines quality presets with minimal settings customization
  • Batch conversion supported


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